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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

My new haircut.


To day I am going to tell u about my new haircut.It started when I woke
up.I went downstairs and brush my teeth.After I brush
my teeth I eat breakfast.It was ROTI CANAI....
Ad then I take a bath.After that I remember that I am going
to cut my hair.And I said I forgot.And abi said" hurry up
we are going to leave now" he said that to me.And I said "ok ,I am just going to
wear my tudung.After that we went off.We ride kereta Angsa..
We went to Hulu Langat.But the 2 shop are close.And then
umi called Ateh and she said"There is a Hair cut for girls and Boys.
And ten we went there.On the way I felt asleep.
When we arive I woke up.We arrive at Ateh house.
And the kak Sarah how us the way.When we arrive I was scared
what haircut should I cut?And I have an idea what haircut should I cut.
It was short at the back and long at the front.
After I cut my hair I looked In the mirror.
It was beautiful.After we finished we went back to Ateh house.
She already cook for us.After we solat we went down stairs
and eat.After we eat we went back to rumah maklang ....



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