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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Cuti Sekolah...


This cuti sekolah I really didn't do much exiting things..I just finish my
homework and play with my cousin Dina.She is 6 years old and she lives at Hulu Langat.
Anyway she dosen't even like playing with me alot.She likes to stick next to Iman.
I really wish if something interesting happen to me or have a adventure..
Today I went with my cousin to buy a new camera at Suntex..
Hadif, me and abang Shamil followed us.
After that we buy some ice-cream at 7 Elleven.

: )

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

My new haircut.


To day I am going to tell u about my new haircut.It started when I woke
up.I went downstairs and brush my teeth.After I brush
my teeth I eat breakfast.It was ROTI CANAI....
Ad then I take a bath.After that I remember that I am going
to cut my hair.And I said I forgot.And abi said" hurry up
we are going to leave now" he said that to me.And I said "ok ,I am just going to
wear my tudung.After that we went off.We ride kereta Angsa..
We went to Hulu Langat.But the 2 shop are close.And then
umi called Ateh and she said"There is a Hair cut for girls and Boys.
And ten we went there.On the way I felt asleep.
When we arive I woke up.We arrive at Ateh house.
And the kak Sarah how us the way.When we arrive I was scared
what haircut should I cut?And I have an idea what haircut should I cut.
It was short at the back and long at the front.
After I cut my hair I looked In the mirror.
It was beautiful.After we finished we went back to Ateh house.
She already cook for us.After we solat we went down stairs
and eat.After we eat we went back to rumah maklang ....


Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Johor Bahru 2 day..

Hi everybody...

On the second day when I woke up the first thing is that I do
is brushing my teeth.After that we eat breakfast.Pakcik before he went
to his office to work he buy us nasi lemak and roti canai for
breakfast.I ate nasi lemak.After that we watch a little bit of TV.
And the we were bored.So we asked our acik if we can go swimming in the pool.
She said wait a little while everybody haven't finished eating
breakfast.So we wait and WAIT and WAIT..
After that waiting we get ready our swimming suite which we don"t
have.And we called the reception if we can swim using normal cloths
and she or he said YES..
We was so exited.......
And then we arived a floor 7 where the swimming pool is.
We take a shower first before going in..
There was 3 pools-1is small 2 is medium 3 is large.
I went on the medium one..And then i said to kak Haja is it deep in there?
And she said quiet.So I went in there and kak haja hold me.
I try to swim but I can't .
She told me to keep on pratice.And I did.I keep on trying but I just can't.
And then I could.After that we went back to our hotel.


Tuesday, 29 December 2009

My trip to Johor Bahru..


My pakcik and acik wanted to go to Johor Bahru because pakcik had a very
job over there.And I wanted to follow so I ask my mum until she let me
and she did.We only wanted to stayabout three days only.
We went on a car wich is Alza a new perodua car.We didn't buy that car we only
borrow the car.I take a bath as quikly as I can.
And then we went off.Pakcik said we will arive about in afternoon.
Went we in the car I was really bored and we stoped at a services.We solat Zohor.
After we did that we continued our journy.
And then I felt asleep....
Our hotel is called ~THE GREAT BLUE WAVES...~
I said in my heart before I felt asleep -WHEN ARE WE GOING TO ARRIVE? -
When we arrive our room is on floor 18.
We had a VIP room.Which had a kitchen and a big bathroom...
And it was close to the sea an next to Singapore..
And after that we put our bags and went to find a shop to eat.
I take a nap in the car for a while.
And when we ride the car people stare at our car all the time..
And then we arrive I order nasi goreng china and apple juice..
After that we went to a shop to shop for our important stuff like shampoo bread and more..


Sunday, 20 December 2009

Sunway Pyramid.


Kita pergi sunway Pyramid on Friday 18.12.2009,
We went to a exhibition which is really boring.
Then me and Hadif started to play tag.
And Kak Arisyah went cross.
At the exhibition we eat karipap,fish ball and we drink a tea which doesn't taste
like a tea.
And then we started to go shopping.
The place was really big.
We were trying to find the book shop.
Before we find the book shop we stoped and eat Baskin Robbin's.
My flavour is called chocolate moose royal. Tasty
After that we went to Jusco.
And then we go to the book shop.
Which on floor LG2.
I buy the Hannah Montana book called In the loop.
And Iman was Hannah Montana as well which is called rock the waves.
And then we went home....
~Really tired~

Well that is all Im going to say....

Saturday, 5 December 2009


hri nie nabihah ad bbq ngan fmily sblh abi
then kmi smua nk prgi klia nk hntr kwn abi rsenye
kemungkinan esok nabihah akan ikut k.qis g pd dlu
sbb umi nk g hri isnin

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

lyrics mutiara hati.


ku rindu kasih sayangmu
kau pergi tinggalkan ku
masih lekang dihati ini
kau bilangku mutiara hati
hu wowo..

ku ingin berjumpa dengan mu
bonda telah menghadap ilahi
ia datang hanya dalam mimpi
untuk menghapus semua rindu ku

ya allah
berikanlah aku
bonda yang berhati mulia
sebagai ganti
dia yang pergi
untuk membimbing
penuju hidupku

ku ingin berjumpa dengan mu
bonda telah menghadap ilahi
dia datang hanya dalam mimpi
untuk menghapus semua rindu ku

ya allah
berikanlah aku
bonda yang berhati mulia
sebagai ganti
dia yang pergi
untuk membimbing
penuju hidupku


panjatkanlah cahya mu
pada jiwaku ini

ya allah
berikanlah aku
bonda yang berhati mulia
sebagai ganti
dia yang pergi
untuk membimbing
penuju hidupku

sebagai ganti
dia yang pergi
untuk membimbing
penuju hidupku
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