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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

My trip to Johor Bahru..


My pakcik and acik wanted to go to Johor Bahru because pakcik had a very
job over there.And I wanted to follow so I ask my mum until she let me
and she did.We only wanted to stayabout three days only.
We went on a car wich is Alza a new perodua car.We didn't buy that car we only
borrow the car.I take a bath as quikly as I can.
And then we went off.Pakcik said we will arive about in afternoon.
Went we in the car I was really bored and we stoped at a services.We solat Zohor.
After we did that we continued our journy.
And then I felt asleep....
Our hotel is called ~THE GREAT BLUE WAVES...~
I said in my heart before I felt asleep -WHEN ARE WE GOING TO ARRIVE? -
When we arrive our room is on floor 18.
We had a VIP room.Which had a kitchen and a big bathroom...
And it was close to the sea an next to Singapore..
And after that we put our bags and went to find a shop to eat.
I take a nap in the car for a while.
And when we ride the car people stare at our car all the time..
And then we arrive I order nasi goreng china and apple juice..
After that we went to a shop to shop for our important stuff like shampoo bread and more..



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