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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Johor Bahru 2 day..

Hi everybody...

On the second day when I woke up the first thing is that I do
is brushing my teeth.After that we eat breakfast.Pakcik before he went
to his office to work he buy us nasi lemak and roti canai for
breakfast.I ate nasi lemak.After that we watch a little bit of TV.
And the we were bored.So we asked our acik if we can go swimming in the pool.
She said wait a little while everybody haven't finished eating
breakfast.So we wait and WAIT and WAIT..
After that waiting we get ready our swimming suite which we don"t
have.And we called the reception if we can swim using normal cloths
and she or he said YES..
We was so exited.......
And then we arived a floor 7 where the swimming pool is.
We take a shower first before going in..
There was 3 pools-1is small 2 is medium 3 is large.
I went on the medium one..And then i said to kak Haja is it deep in there?
And she said quiet.So I went in there and kak haja hold me.
I try to swim but I can't .
She told me to keep on pratice.And I did.I keep on trying but I just can't.
And then I could.After that we went back to our hotel.



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