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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Sunway Pyramid.


Kita pergi sunway Pyramid on Friday 18.12.2009,
We went to a exhibition which is really boring.
Then me and Hadif started to play tag.
And Kak Arisyah went cross.
At the exhibition we eat karipap,fish ball and we drink a tea which doesn't taste
like a tea.
And then we started to go shopping.
The place was really big.
We were trying to find the book shop.
Before we find the book shop we stoped and eat Baskin Robbin's.
My flavour is called chocolate moose royal. Tasty
After that we went to Jusco.
And then we go to the book shop.
Which on floor LG2.
I buy the Hannah Montana book called In the loop.
And Iman was Hannah Montana as well which is called rock the waves.
And then we went home....
~Really tired~

Well that is all Im going to say....


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